Chuck D @ Stockton University 3-25-03

This was really cool. Stockton was always able to get great speakers to come to campus (looking forward to Junot Diaz this fall!) and I was so excited to Chuck D. I had a class until 8pm, but I remember our professor let us out early because she wanted to get to the event herself. Chuck D spoke for about an hour about a variety of topics. The best part was definitely afterwards when he just hung out in the hallway by the PAC for awhile talking to a bunch of us. He was really down to earth and enjoyed discussing music and politics with students and faculty.

My cool interaction with Chuck D: I asked him about the Public Enemy pictures in Fuck You Heroes. His eyes lit up and he mentioned that earlier in the day he had just talked to Glen E. Friedman on the phone. We went onto talk about Black Flag, Minor Threat, and The Stooges.