By The Grace Of God-CR-Deadguy-Transmeggettti @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 1-18-97

The first thing I remember about this show was that it was FREEZING outside. A snow storm had come in a few days before the temperature dove down with it. Sitting in the back of a friend’s truck with no heat was a pretty brutal experience. What pissed me off though was he just called us a bunch of wimps. The same dude who fucking cried and made us listen to weak shit like Lifetime whenever a girl breathed near him.

TransMegetti were a local emo band that one of the Tesi Brothers and Brian Strahele (also ex Hogans Heroes) was in. I think Ian Smith (Hogans Heroes/OS 101/Friendly Fire, etc) was filling in on bass for them at this point too. They were pretty typical of the time period.

CR were a screamo/power violence band from Long Island. At some point I was going to interview them, but I think they broke up before I got to it. I remember they busted out a Youth Of Today cover, which was pretty cool.

Deadguy, in this case, was not with Tim Singer or Keith so, um, they were pretty bad. That record they did later was so bad. Their eps and LP are pretty brutal. Total Rollins Band worship. Signifying Nothing was almost called Running With Scissors. A friend of ours actually booed them when they said they had gone through some member changes. LOL.

Long before controversy really took over the narrative around them, By The Grace Of God put out a good seven inch on, of all labels, Victory, that sounded like Endpoint, which half the band had spent the previous part of the decade in. Despite their more PC/emo tendencies, they were marketed, by Victory at least, as an 88 throwback/Bringing it back (irony overload there) kind of band. Of course, mouthbreather emos acted like they were the second coming of a combination of Crass, Born Against, and Fugazi, but whatever.

By The Grace Of God were good at this show. They mostly played their seven inch and a few new songs from their LP that was recorded a few months later. I swear they did a Judge cover too. I had some pictures, but I leant them out to someone and they got lost. Damn.

We froze again on the way home as I counted the seconds until I got a car of my own.