New Year’s Eve 1996 at 508 House In Toms River, NJ

We went to this show to celebrate the new year as we headed into 1997. I went to this show with Peter and Crystal. Baxter played and probably a few other bands, but my memory is a bit hazy. All that booze! I kid.

A lot of my friends crushed on Crystal. I *did*, certainly, but never really did much with it when we were in high school beyond a 12ish hour period where we talked our way out of it. We did kiss once too that previous summer, but neither of us ever brought it up again. She got all dolled up for this show and looked amazing. I said, blurted out really, something crude at one point about her body and immediately felt like a total asshole. She gave me this amused look and never spoke about it again, mercifully.

A few other odd things happened during this night, but nothing really worth going into. We got pulled over on the way home and Peter was furious, despite my attempt to argue that the cops were probably pulling over tons of people. By the next year, none of us in the car would be on speaking terms.