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Signifying Nothing Episode Four

Playlist Man Lifting Banner-Sister Rain On The Parade-Respect Team Dresch-#1 Chance Pirate TV Bongzilla-Under The Sun Tragedy-Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate 7 Seconds-Straight On Dead Kennedys-Trust Your Mechanic Agent Orange-Lingerie White Cross-Jump Up Statue-Fueling Texas Is The Reason-Dressing Cold Iron Age-Iron Age Guns N Rosa Parks-Sock Woman Project X-Where It Ends Robot Whales-Is It Enough Wrecks-High School Anthem Bad Brains-Reignition

Guns N Rosa Parks-Antifreeze

Guns N Rosa Parks Antifreeze EP This Colorado band plays excellent early 80’s style hardcore. I am reminded of bands like Adrenalin OD and The Abused when I listen to this. There are plenty of mosh parts also to keep the pit going. These guys also do New Jersey proud by ending their record with a cover of Sock Woman. 17 songs gives you plenty to listen to and it doesn’t let up for the entire record. Definitely check this out! Hardware Media has also reviewed this record recently!