Baxter-Lucky No. 13-Whatever-Franklin at 508 House in Toms River, NJ 6-25-95

I went to high school with Ian from Hogan’s Heroes/OS101/Friendly Fire’s younger brother Pete. He dropped out of school sometime in the fall of 1996, but he was one of the people who introduced me to straight edge. We hung around at the Smith house for most of this day. Their parents were pretty nice people who put up with a ton of us running in and out the house all the time. A few generations of hardcore kids bounced around in there. It sucks both of the Smith parents have passed away.

Baxter was Ian’s side project. They were a pretty emo band who did a demo tape and a seven inch. Besides Ian also in the band was Danill (sp?) and the Tesi brothers. I think our friends Dan, who I had kind of fallen out with after a botched science class project, and this kid Wayne who was straight edge for like three months. Crystal might have came too and her boyfriend Ryan (who people called “Shaggy” because the 90s were horrible), but I am not super sure. Since every boy within five miles of our crew wanted to date Crystal, a LOT of people did not like Ryan in any way shape or form.

The 508 House was a cool house in Toms River that did shows for a few years. I saw a bunch of bands and met tons of people I would get to know as the years went on. I do not remember a ton of specifics about any of these bands, but Baxter and Lucky No. 13 were well received. I think Lucky No. 13 only did a demo? I heard it in someone’s car once and I think they had just recorded it.

I have no idea who Whatever were. Franklin was a band from Philadelphia and I do not remember much about them. I do remember buying about $25 worth of fanzines at this show including a new issue of Trustkill and some others.