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Leeway-Heavy Chains-Krust-Vengeance-Full Circle @ Brick NJ 7-29-16

I really got around during this day and got to experience some personal history again. I started on my own campus to drop off something and then headed down to Stockton for lunch with one of my former professors. THEN I headed down the shore to see my parents for a few hours and THEN headed up to Brick for the show. This EMS hall was where I saw my first shows in 1994. I don’t remember a ton about them, but we went there two or three times. One time a friend’s car overheated, which meant we had to…
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Title Fight-Get Real-Night Birds-Full Speed Ahead-Stick Together-The Little Rascals-Blind Justice-Heavy Chains-Krust-Stag Party @ Howell NJ 6-28-14

When Bob Shedd puts on a gig, you know it is going to be good. Full Speed Ahead are playing a few shows this summer. I missed their last reunion gig in 2006 (?), so I knew I had to head out to this show. This was also my first gig of the year. One of the great things about living in Mount Holly is the commute. To either of our main campuses, it is basically 15 minutes each way. This is great during the school year; many of my colleagues have very short drives to one campus and then…
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