Leeway-Heavy Chains-Krust-Vengeance-Full Circle @ Brick NJ 7-29-16

I really got around during this day and got to experience some personal history again. I started on my own campus to drop off something and then headed down to Stockton for lunch with one of my former professors. THEN I headed down the shore to see my parents for a few hours and THEN headed up to Brick for the show.

This EMS hall was where I saw my first shows in 1994. I don’t remember a ton about them, but we went there two or three times. One time a friend’s car overheated, which meant we had to keep windows open, without heat, on a very cold day. There had just been snow a few days before and road conditions were not great; looking back I am surprised the show even happened.


Full Circle

After catching up with some friends for a bit, Full Circle and Krust played.



I headed in with Vengeance, which is Zev and Kingshot’s new band. They were good and reminded me a bit of what another Floorpunch record might have been like. Members of the band were also in Over The Line back in the day.


Heavy Chains

This was the final show for Heavy Chains. I had never heard them before, but I liked their Sheer Terror influenced hardcore. That style is very easy to turn into something very silly, but they did a pretty solid job with it.

The big draw here was obviously Leeway. They played a good mix of songs from both records, starting with Desperate Measures and then moving to Born To Expire. People were going off, but when they began the bass line from Rise & Fall, the room was really moving. Eddie had good stuff to say between songs as well.

I hope this venue continues to have shows. Back in the day I think there were some issues, but hopefully this time it can keep going. Brick shows are good for me because I can go see my parents, go to the show, and then have a straight forward ride back home.

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