Vision-Count Me Out at Montclair, NJ Spring 2000

I remember I worked all day and then we drove up to this show, which was quite a hike from Manahawkin. I spent a lot of time hanging out at this show outside, so I have no idea who else played besides Count Me Out.

Vision had a new record out, so their set was littered with songs from it plus all the classics like Falling Apart, which you can see above. We must have rolled with two cars of people, because there are a ton of Manahawkin kids at this show. I had not eaten all day, so you see me bail out after Falling Apart to go sit outside because I was exhausted and felt sick to my stomach. I would do dumb shit like that all the time and it was so ridiculous. I had zero sense of how to eat and what my body wanted until at least my mid-twenties. This caused various problems for me over the years that I have written about elsewhere on the internet.

I don’t remember much else from this show besides thinking it was cool to be in the school my mom went to high school in…