Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty

Raw Power-State Oppression
Enuf-I Just Wanna Skate

Black Flag-Don’t Care
Circle Jerks-Don’t Care
Circle Jerks-Live Fast Die Young
Circle Jerks-Nervous Breakdown

The Misfits-Horror Business
The Misfits-Death Comes Ripping
The Misfits-Vampira

The Misfits-Bullet
The Misfits-Night Of The Living Dead
The Misfits-Where Eagles Dare
The Misfits-We Are 138

Born Against-Born Again
Full Speed Ahead-Tied Down
Galloping Elephants-Do The Massacre
Mind Eraser-Teenagers
Mob 47-Ingen Framtid

Step Forward-Pushing Forward
Odessa Five-We Watch It Die
Sons Of Ishmael-Social Drinker
Civil Dissident-Death For A Buzz
Embrace-Do Not Consider Yourself Free

Septic Death-The Evolution Garden
Genetic Control-1984
Enola Gay-Enola Gay
Lost Cause-American Hero
No Comment-Past Tense