Signifying Nothing 03×01

Sorry I sound so manic during this episode. I was waiting for a phone call about a job, which has had a number of bumps along the way, so I might sound a bit cranky/silly.

Napalm Death-Evolved As One (From Enslavement To Obliteration)
Black Flag-White Minority (Jealous Again)
Negative Approach-Hypocrite (Tied Down)

97a-Blind Fury (Abandoned Future)
Floorpunch-Shottsie (New Jersey)
Rancor-Till The End (Demo)

Free Spirit-Stand As One (Demo)
White Walls-The Great Excuse (Demo)
The Rival Mob-I.I.B. (Demo)
Splitting Headache-Highway Hypnosis (Night Terrors)

Scapegoat-Thoughtless (Self Titled)
Iconoclast-I Like You Less Than Apple Pie (Discography)
Clitboys-I Hate The KKK (Demo)

Mind Eraser-World Unfolds (Generations)
America’s Hardcore-America’s Hardcore (We Got Power)
Bikini Kill-Carnival (CD Version Of First Two Records)

(yes I know the Bikini Kill song cuts off. I didn’t notice until I was done)

Discharge-It’s No TV Sketch (Decontrol)
Direct Control-Hardcore For Heroin (Self Titled)
Out Cold-Useless (Permanent Twilight World)

149 Dead Marines-Abuse (Demo)
1.6-Bullet To The Brain (Broke Up)
Pisschrist-Never Give Up (Split With Framtid)

Shattered Faith-Reagan Country (American Youth Report)