Reviews For The Week Of August 8th

I don’t need to explain this one.
Bad Brains
171A Sessions 7″

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of Bad Brains demos are popping up the past few years? These are three versions of songs you probably know, but heavier than say the Black Dots session. A live, horrible, reggae song ends the record. Not really that essential.

Waste Management

Members of Mind Eraser, etc doing really ILL Boston 82 hardcore ala SSD. The best part about this one is the pleading, furious, Springa style vocals. One of the best bands going today. There is a live set on here too with Abused and DYS covers. I’ve been waiting for someone to proclaim there is “too much unity!” for years.


Heaven Is Waiting 7″
Deranged Records

This is my least favorite Give record so far. Heading away from Swiz and more towards something like Avail, this is a little too poppy for me. Still, their other records are so solid that a few misses here and there are acceptable.


Various Artists
Youth Crew 2009 7″
Upside Down Records

Youth crew? Most of these bands sound like Chain of Strength. The only really decent band here is Break Through. I found most of the bands to be rather uninteresting. This style is really in need of a hiatus.