Pusmort Mixtape

After last year’s popular Pushead Top 100 Of The Eighties podcasts, I thought it would be cool to do one more for Pushead’s label Pusmort. I want to do more of these in the future for labels. People have had nice things to say so far.

Septic Death-Glue/Step
Final Conflict-Constant Fear
Attitude Adjustment-Destruction’s Eve
Septic Death-The Evolution Garden
Septic Death-Hardware
Corrosion Of Conformity-Prayer
Execute-Going Back
Sacrilege-At Death’s Door
Poison Idea-Made To Be Broken

Final Conflict-Central America
Negative Gain-Nuclear Winter
Extreme Noise Terror-False Profit
Chaos UK-Skate Song
Septic Death-Terrorain
Systematic Death-Tonight
Christ On Parade-America The Myth
Septic Death-Dysentery
Attitude Adjustment-Rambo
Part 1-Black Mass
Neuroot-The Lie They Call The Truth