Scapegoat-Self Titled

S/T 7″
Painkiller Records

When I first got this record a friend sent me a zip file of mp3s so I could listen to it in the car. While walking across campus down at Stockton one day after meeting with a former professor about graduate school stuff I toggled through my player and queued up Mind Eraser, Rupture, Crossed Out, and this new Scapegoat record. I didn’t really think about it; I just got in my truck and bolted back onto the parkway. On my way back into Manahawkin I looked down at my player because I thought the Crossed Out record was going on for a long time. Turned out the Scapegoat record had been playing for the past five minutes. Scapegoat play really authentic, obviously, sounding hardcore in the vein of Crossed Out, Rupture, DropDead, etc. How good is Painkiller Records? They just keep turning out more and more excellent records. Word on the street is a Dry Rot seven inch is next.