Madball-Hatebreed-Fury Of V at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ April 1998

Wait, why is a Floorpunch video above? Well, I skipped that Floorpunch gig because I went to see Madball either the day before or the next day. I think at least. I am pretty sure I could only have one night off, so I went to see Madball. Odd choice? Not really. Madball were one of the best, if not best, live bands of that era. I think CJ and I went to this show. I don’t remember who else played this besides these bands, but maybe Second To None did too? I don’t really remember anything about Fury Of V’s set other than Stickman saying that no one better get in his way, even his friends, during Hatebreed.

I was not super familiar with Hatebreed. I think their LP had come out that year and the crowd went off HARD for them. Lots of hard dancing. Their faster songs are pretty good from this era, but too much chugga chugga for me. Around this time, I worked with a dude who couldn’t believe I KNEW MEMBERS OF HATEBREED. Lol.

Madball were great and I remember going off around all these dangerous dudes. I have this vague memory of them opening with an Agnostic Front cover. But they tore the house down like they always did. Their two seven inches and the first two lps are classics. I am not super into what came after that though.