Underdog-Cold World-Get Real-My Turn To Win @ Asbury Lanes 7-24-09

I showed up to this show right around when Get Real were wrapping up their set, so I just hung out in the back with some friends after their set and during Cold World’s set. Underdog were kind of shitty at this show I remember. A lot of older dudes were there, drunk, and kind of dancing like assholes. This is the same bullshit that wrecks some Vision shows too. You are so cool to have to dance hard around a bunch of kids half your age. Very courageous, especially after a few beers.

Something really funny happened at this show to me. During some Underdog song, I kind of twisted my ankle so I hobbled over to the side of the stage. A bouncer comes running over and is all ARE YOU OKAY?/. I wave him off and say that I will just hang out for a song or two. Whatever, right? He comes back with ice and is all I NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE OKAY. Uh, okay. I took the ice, then tossed it down when he left and dove back into the crowd. I mean, he is probably told to do that for liability or some shit, but leave me alone.