Good Clean Fun-The Hope Conspiracy-A Death In The Family-American Nightmare-Spark Lights The Friction @ New Brunswick NJ 4-23-00

This show was on Easter and didn’t get a great turn out. I mostly went to see the first, and only, I think, show for A Death In The Family. A friend of mine was in that band. Members had also been in 97a, Kurbjaw, and some others.

This was one of the three or four times American Nightmare played NJ before they really blew up. I don’t even remember watching them, nor did I watch any of the other bands. I mostly remember this show for a long discussion I had after it with a friend in the parking lot of The Melody Bar. I was quickly burning out on the hardcore scene and we had a good conversation about the ebbs and flows of not only hardcore, but life in general. I left feeling a bit better about myself.