Ferret’s Review: Chamberlain-Raise It High

Raise It High 7″

Ok, so I asked Bill if I could hitch onto this project of his-Signifying Nothing– and he was game. Something about alternative perspectives and, well, it didn’t take much convincing. So, thanks Bill and hopefully you won’t regret this! As a testament to new perspectives, my first review is not quite hardcore. Rooted in hardcore, yes.

The band is Chamberlain and they released a new ep in June of 2010.  Some history here: Bill taped me a bunch of Split Lip material in the mid-90’s or so and I thought they had a unique sound and vibe to them. I followed them into Chamberlain, but was lost.  To be honest, I felt betrayed at the time. Eventually, over a very long drive to central PA and some maturation on my part, I would forgive them.

This new ep “Raise it High” pics up right where “The Moon My Saddle” left off. You get two tracks for basically 2 bucks.  The first track “Raise it High” is an amazing way to open an ep. This track has heart, melody, and just an explosiveness to it. Think the voice of Springsteen, some cool lyrics and maybe a hint of The Replacements. A rocking track indeed. Second track – more laid back. A cool acoustic type jam. If you dig the current alt-country scene this is for you. Very similar to Chuck Ragan/Tim Barry type stuff.

Their website has merch and the digital ep for sale, check it out. Word is they are playing Krazy Fest in Louisville this coming May.