Fastbreak-Saves The Day-Farside at The Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 8-3-99

During the summer of 1999, I did not get out much, a combination of a few creepy internet threats, some pretty severe depression, and work issues, but I ended up heading up to this show and met up with this young lady I was not quite dating, but definitely trying to head in that direction with, at this show. This show was absolutely horrible.

I showed up late to this show because I had to stop on campus while heading up to the show. I do not exactly remember why I stopped on campus, but it might have involved dropping off Financial Aid forms maybe? I remember parking and leaving, but that is about it. Oh well.

I got to the show just as Saves The Day were wrapping up their set. They were starting to blow up and there were some weird pop punk/Warped Tour type people hanging out at the show clearly way out of place and confused by a smaller show ie not a “concert,” which is funny looking back. I said hello to a few of those dudes and then went up for for Fastbreak.

Fastbreak had basically went from an awesome youth crew band to the worst, tenth tier, pop punk/emo bullshit ever. That song “Music Is My Girlfriend” (get it lololololololol!!!!) is the worst thing ever. They played a bunch of shitty new songs and basically ignored a few people’s pleas for their raging shit. They could have been this massive youth crew style band like In My Eyes or Floorpunch and they totally blew that shit. At the end of their set, they finally played “Fastbreak” and people went off.

Awkward moment: I went to dive and I accidentally put my hand right on my friend Grace’s breast. She kind of winced and I jerked away and dove, but pretty much landed on her anyway. I apologized for like five minutes.

I liked Farside a bit, so I packed it up front for their set. They were pretty bad though and their records do not hold up at all. Generic college rock and the people into it kind of “rocked out,” which seemed so gross to me by the end of their set. I don’t think I have listened to them since. Also, that one dude who was also in 411 wrote this super douchey column for Revelation’s website around this time that really turned me off from them, which included a justification for them playing with some horrible arena rock band called Smash Mouth. Yuck.