Citizens Arrest-Colossus: The Discography

Citizens Arrest
Colossus: The Discography Double LP
Nuclear War Now Records

Citizens Arrest are one of the most essential bands of the late 80’s to early 90’s period when hardcore was taking a turn towards uglier, noisier, and harsher sounds. Contemporary to bands like Rorschach, Burn, and No Comment, Citizens Arrest’s sound is equal parts influenced by bands like Napalm Death and Siege, and more youth crew oriented bands like Youth of Today or Infest. This discography contains pretty much everything it could possibly contain in a very organized manner. Their lukewarm demo (includes vocals by Ted Leo, that guy emos and post hardcores love so much) begins things, followed by one track from their legendary WNYU session. Their essential seven inch follows, which really shows the influence of early DC bands like Void and Youth Brigade, but also Siege and Infest. A variety of compilation songs comes next. Finally, their monstrous LP Colossus, finishes the discography. Heavily influenced by both Infest and Napalm Death (and other early Earache bands), their LP is the band’s finest hour. Daryl’s vocals are ugly, getting close to death metal styled sounds. I always wanted bands to cover the Utopia intro as a teenager. An absolutely essential and very influential set of recordings. It looks like this might be out of print already?