Carry On-It’s All Our Blood

Carry On
It’s All Our Blood CD
Youngblood Records

This is the remastered version of this band’s CD which combines some of their early input. I still don’t see what the big deal is about this band. John used to tell me how crazy the mosh part in Off My Chest was but after listening to it three times just now I am still sitting here thinking “…”. Some of the songs on this CD are pretty good modern styled hardcore. I see why a lot of people really like this band. Honestly it just doesn’t move me though. I keep thinking I will eventually grow to appreciate this record but I never do. I do like the rap song though! The lyrics to What Once Was feel very relevant too. But ignore me; if you like modern hardcore like Right Brigade or American Nightmare you will love this. Kudos to Youngblood for the very nice job with this record. The remastering job sounds really nice. Members of this band are now in Betrayed, Internal Affairs, and some cigarette smoking indie band the singer is in.

Speaking of that interview, if John ever finds it I will make sure to get it up here. I feel really bad it has never seen the light. Sorry to Todd & whoever else took part.