Breakdown-Out Cold-One Sided War-Fanshen-No Contest @ New Brunswick NJ 10-25-98

Wide Awake did not play this show, but No Contest got added as they had two new records coming out. They were a great band from here in NJ. I do not remember anything particular about their set or Fanshen, although I swear I took pictures of them? I loaned out a lot of pictures back then and most never got back to me.

One Sided War was a new band with Matt Warnke from Bold and Pat from Citizens Arrest. They sounded like later Bold, sort of, but I also thought they had a lot of influence from later Uniform Choice and Ignite too. The record is okay and live they always did a few Bold covers. Matt was a really nice guy who took the time out to sit with a few friends of mine while they pestered him with a lot of Bold questions. I had some interactions with him a few years later and found him to be very humble and kind.

Out Cold were a band that had a bit of a cult of followers. I heard them via Dan Scheme and was so excited to see them as they rarely, if ever, toured. Not a lot of people watched them, but those of us who did had our jaws on the floor the whole time. They did a lot of records and every one of them is great. In recent years it seems like a lot more people have tuned in to them which is great.

Of course the main draw here was Breakdown. Nothing unusual to report this time around. I remember they covered The Regulator and people were really going off during their set. The great part about Breakdown sets back then was that people danced hard, but most were not dickheads about it.