Boris-Live CD (Guest Review By Chris Alpino)

Live 3xCD Set

Recently released on the Archive label, this is now way out of print. It came out in time for Boris’ recent US tour which Boris had for sale at shows. These were available as individual CD’s or as a full set with a thick paper stock slipcase keeping all three CD’s together. There were a total of 320 sets made with the 4″ slipcase.

I’ve only listened to the 1st +3rd CD’s and I have to say this is some of the better Boris material I’ve heard. While the material on here is not unreleased, the fact that everything is recorded in the red gives it a brutally raw, intense and ultra heavy sound. I find no production fault with any studio Boris albums, but this shows them at a whole different level. It’s just so aggressive and I was floored listening to the two CD’s. I kind of like this more than the studio albums to be honest and I’ll probably find myself listening to this release than their studio albums.

The material on the CD’s is as follows: Volume I- all live tracks 96-98, Volume II- live drum less drone power ambient disc, Volume III- live 2001 two long songs.

There might be some distros around that may still have some copies, but I wouldn’t think so. eBay may be your best bet. New they were $35ppd, so if you can find one in that range, it is totally worth the dough. Chris Alpino