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Signifying Nothing Episode Seven

Playlist Ignition-Lucky Thirteen Reagan Youth-New Aryans Assuck-Wall Of Shame SOA-Disease Mind Eraser-Abuse Excuse Born Against-Xmas Eve Jerry’s Kids-Straight Jacket Electric Wizard-Son Or Nothing Spazz-Wooden Shoes S.O.B.-Humanity Or Stupidity Madball-Get Out Dead Kennedys-Macho Insecurity Report Suspicious Activities-Guantanamo Infest-Judge Me Impact Unit-Regular Boy’s Haircut Black Flag-Louie Louie Family Man-All Stick & No Carrot Haywire-Sword Swallower No Comment-Hacked To Chunks Mouthpiece-Column Hollow Ground-Cold Reality Void-Authority Tragedy-The Waiting Splitting Headache-War Hero

Soul Swallower-Self Titled

Soul Swallower S/T EP Collapse Records Holy shit! Over the summer I kept hearing about a project members of, amongst others, Mind Eraser had going called Soul Swallower. A friend who saw them live described them as “Mind Eraser, only better.” With these very high expectations I knew I had to hear this. Thankfully our friend Bob Shedd put this out on Collapse. Soul Swallower are similar to Mind Eraser but have a bit more of an influence from bands like Integrity, Citizens Arrest, and No Comment. To the layman, I’m sure both bands will sound similar, but there is…
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Lack Of Interest-Take Another Step

Lack Of Interest Take Another Step LP Deep Six Records Ever since first hearing these guys on their split with Spazz sometime in the mid 90’s, I have been pretty indifferent towards Lack Of Interest. Their influences are clear: Infest, No Comment, Spazz, and other bands of that nature. Despite this, nothing about this record really grabs me. There are a few ragers, but otherwise it is too long and pretty flat sounding. This would have worked a lot better as an ep with about half the amount of songs.