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Degenerics-Stormshadow-Try Fail Try-Fanshen In New Brunswick NJ 3-7-98

My biggest memory of this show is talking to Degenerics about doing an interview for what would eventually be the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine about a year later. I would put out another fanzine that summer, but I was already thinking ahead of doing a hard reset. Degenerics were a great band that gets overlooked a lot. I am sure I watched Stormshadow because I was friendly with members of the band, but I don’t remember anything about Try Fail Try or Fanshen.

Stormshadow-You & I-Automaton-Worthless-Fanshen-The Degenerics-Automaton @ Masonic Temple Metuchen NJ 11-29-97

I went to this show with my friend Rebecca. After meeting up with her, we headed up to this show, which was at a creepy Mason hall. Rebecca and I used to argue a lot in the car. She was super PC and pretty, uh, “open minded” about her hardcore, so it led to some amusing arguments. Looking back, I took that stuff way too seriously. I have not talked to her in a long time. Opening this show was Automaton, which had Alex Soudah (ex 97a) and my friend Jason Scheller, who I would meet officially a year or…
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