Tied Down-Commin Correct-Others? @ Red Bank NJ August 1996

This was a big end of summer show in Red Bank. I remember Tied Down playing, but they may have switched their name to Prospect by then? I think Rich might have organized this show even? There was a flyer for sure, but I do not seem to have it.

Commin Correct definitely played this show. I had interviewed Rick earlier in the summer and this show served as the debut for my first fanzine Assimilation Or Oblivion. I began wanting to interview Mouthpiece, Hardware Fanzine, and Fastbreak, and ended up with h2o (that a friend did) and 25 Ta Life. It is a long story.

Well anyhow I hung out with Rick for a bit at this show and bought a ton of stuff from his distro. When Commin Correct played, he let me sing their cover of “Crucified,” which looking back is pretty funny because at the time I was a surf shorts, x’d up, kid who did not even really shave his head that often back then.

A ton of bands played this show, but I cannot remember any of the others. I know E-Town Concrete cancelled because Anthony came by to the show anyway for a bit.