H20-Fastbreak-E Town Concrete @ Stone Pony In Asbury Park NJ Summer 1996

I think Fury Of V played this show too. Killing Time canceled. This was the first time I saw Fastbreak. I had just heard them a few days before (remember, music traveled a bit slower back then) and they were really good. This was also the first time I saw E-Town Concrete too, who seemed to play a ton of shows back then.

This was a record release, or right after it, for the first H20 album. I remember a ton of people from my high school were at this show. Lots of rando pop punk kids. That is why I think Fury Of V played because I remember a few of them having Fury Of V shirts at the beginning of the next school year and I think they got them at this show.

H20 covered a War Zone song at this show and I remember diving into a big pile of people and taking out a young lady pretty hard. She looked a bit woozy, but gave me a thumbs up and I piled on the crowd, got to the stage, and dove again. We just did not think about that shit much back then. Or, rather, the people who did were the PROTEST MOSHING BY SITTING ON THE FLOOR type turds, so we did not want to really anyway.