March 2012 Reviews

No Tolerance (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Bad Noids

Fast, distorted, hardcore that reminds me a lot of H-100s. This would have fit in really well with that crop of late nineties bands in this vein. I want to hear more.

Iron Age
The Sleeping Eye LP
Tee Pee Records

This is Iron Age at their finest. A great combination of their earlier NYHC influenced material with the more recent, more “metal” influences. The songs are fast and heavy without a lot of stupid metal bullshit besides one instrumental interlude style track. Two earlier tracks from their eps are rerecorded as well. This is very good.

Various Artists
Youngblood Records Sampler
Youngblood Records

I go way, way, back with Sean Youngblood, so I was very enthusiastic about checking out what his label has been up to lately. Of course, there is No Tolerance starting off this sampler with a track from their new seven inch on the label. Face Reality do not totally remind me of Hard Stance, but the influence of heavier late eighties bands is definitely there. Give are, well, Give. I’m not that into the other bands (Mob Mentality, Police & Thieves, Sacred Love) but check them out on this free sampler and judge for yourself.

Direct Control
Bucktown Hardcore LP
Tankcrimes Records

An essential anthology of this band’s demos plus their session for the Public Safety compilation. Direct Control rose up around the time I was really beginning to pay attention to the hardcore scene again and they have been one of my favorites of the past decade. Direct Control play excellent 82 style hardcore that sounds rather authentic, and yet has some modern sensibilities that make them more than just some rehash.

Bloodkrow Butcher
Self Titled 7″
Total Fucker Records

Pretty gnarly sounding DBeat hardcore with a nice raw recording ala Anti Cimex or Agent Orange. I hear a bit of The Fix in this one too. Highly recommended.

Vanishing Leper
Self Titled LP
Cold Vomit Records

Members of Dry Rot and Mind Eraser get together to play an odd mix of sixties and seventies psych influenced stuff mixed with the strangeness of various SST bands. Frankly, this would have fit well on SST circa 1985. This record is sold out, but there is a cheap digital download available.

Slang/Mind Eraser
Split 7″
540 Records

Long standing D-Beat legends Slang team up with America’s Mind Eraser for a split record on the eve of their tour together a few years back. This is only three songs, but serves as a good introduction to both band’s material. Worth checking out if you’ve never heard them before.

The Faith
Subject To Change Plus First Demo CD
Dischord Records

As Dischord continues to reissue their back catalog, they have gotten to one of my favorites releases. Subject To Change has been repackaged to include their first demo, which I have had a very muddy copy of for a number of years. Subject To Change is more melodic than their songs on the split, but still remains pretty hardcore in execution. I wish DC had progressed towards and not towards Embrace and Fugazi. Their demo is really raw and not as polished as the split. I always thought Mouthpiece was pretty influenced by this record.

Critical Point
Trial & Error 7″
Commitment Records

More Crucial Response circa 1998 worship from this European band. Fast Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of Eyeball, Tiebreak, and Mainstrike. I really like this record.