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Reviews For The Week of July 18th

Talk Is Poison…one of the best bands of the past 15 years… State of Alert No Policy Bootleg LP This is a pretty complete bootleg LP with all of State of Alert’s recorded material. The No Policy 7” on Dischord, the tracks from Flex Your Head, two demos, and a live set. I’ve heard all of this before, but completeists will dig having all of this in one place. Why hasn’t Dischord done a discography for them already?   Various Artists Brutal Supremacy Compilation Double 7″ Painkiller Records The long awaited debut compilation from Painkiller Records does not let down. Mind Eraser and Scapegoat continue to plow through their…
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Christian Mistress-Agony & Opium

Christian Mistress Agony & Opium LP 20 Buck Spin Records The hype for this northwest band has been overwhelming in recent months. I was finally interested enough to check them out recently after hearing someone describe them as “Venom with Mia Zapata singing.” Uh, whoa, that is pretty high praise. Christian Mistress do take a lot of influences from bands like Venom and Iron Maiden, for example, with some rooting in punk rock as well. The vocals do sound a lot like Mia Zapata to an extent. There is a real urgency and authenticity to this band’s sound, which exists…
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