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Blind Society-Fast Times-GI Schmoe-Rise Above-Three Against One-ADD-Inside Fight @ Toms River NJ 1-22-99

I have too big memories of this show: Hanging out at a variety of band tables as the night went on and being very social with people is one. Second is Three Against One covering War Zone, which got a big crowd reaction as you can see on the video. ADD was another cool band that did a good demo at this time. I saw them a few times right around this era.


Knockdown Self Titled CD Youngblood Records This is the discography of this short lived band. Members of this band have also been in Blacklisted, Inside Fight, Shark Attack, and Full Contact among others. Knockdown play 1997 style youth crew hardcore in the vein of Floorpunch. For real this time. So many bands get compared to Floorpunch and maybe one in twenty actually sound like them: these guys do.