Kill Your Idols-Ten Yard Fight-Tears of Frustration-Blind Society at Stewart’s Root Beer in Manahawkin, NJ Summer 1999

This show was actually sort of imfamous because Ten Yard Fight apparently broke up a day or two before the show (and would play a final show at the idiotic “Edge Day” thing later in the year). Kill Your Idols also cancelled at the last minute, which I ended up fielding a bunch of calls about. I think my phone number got attached to the show contact info somehow?

I showed up to the show after work and caught a few of Tears of Frustration’s songs. I remember they were playing a War Zone cover as I parked, which was pretty cool. Blind Society were a local band that was very popular. I think they might have just put out a new record and the crowd went nuts for them. This was the beginning of a bunch of shows at Stewart’s in their parking. My brother worked there around this time. I wonder if he had something to do with it. I never thought to ask!