Kill Your Idols-Full Speed Ahead-Life’s Halt-No Reply @ New Brunswick NJ 7-12-00

A few different narrative lines going on at this show. The first one is the Life’s Halt/No Reply tour coming to New Jersey. These bands were red hot during that summer and a lot of people wanted to see them. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of either band, but I remember them being good at this show. This was Full Speed Ahead’s final show. They got a really wild reaction for their brief set. I wish there was a video of it because they got a nice send off. Their set was short because, apparently, Kill Your Idols would not…
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Ink and Dagger-You and I-Try Fail Try-Purpose @ Asbury Park NJ 8-16-98

This was the second day of a two day fest in Asbury Park. We went back up to this show after I had gone for a bit the day before. I do not have remember any of these bands playing besides Ink & Dagger. A lot of my friends thought it was funny to go off for them like they were Breakdown. It got old after awhile, but it was pretty amusing at the time. I swear I took pictures at this show because we were going to interview Sean (which never happened…more on that in a future post), but…
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Get High-World Inferno Friendship Society-Many More @ Asbury Park NJ 8-15-98

(I remember a flyer, but don’t have it scanned…) This show was part of a two day fest. I was only at this day for a little bit to see Get High. I worked in the morning, went home and showered, and then headed up to Asbury Park for the show. After seeing Get High I left to go on a date back down in Toms River. The person I was seeing at the time was pretty…normal…so I actually changed clothes in the car before heading back down. That is so funny looking back. I cannot remember at all who…
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Chuck D @ Stockton University 3-25-03

This was really cool. Stockton was always able to get great speakers to come to campus (looking forward to Junot Diaz this fall!) and I was so excited to Chuck D. I had a class until 8pm, but I remember our professor let us out early because she wanted to get to the event herself. Chuck D spoke for about an hour about a variety of topics. The best part was definitely afterwards when he just hung out in the hallway by the PAC for awhile talking to a bunch of us. He was really down to earth and enjoyed…
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Vision-Floorpunch-In My Eyes-Fastbreak-Reach The Sky-OS 101-Cryptic Cookies For Jesus @ New Providence NJ 3-8-98

This show was done by Maggie Rosario. I did a flyer for it with a Sailor Moon background that I only have a cruddy scan for at the moment. My only copy got wrecked when I pulled it off my wall to scan, so I had to take it out of a fanzine. I also helped get Reach The Sky onto this show sometime during that week. Back in the 90s we got so much done via ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger before texting, Skype, etc. CC4J were a band that got back together to play some shows around this…
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Matt Leveton Benefit 1999

The first ever benefit for Matt Leveton was in January 1999. Matt used to book shows at Manville and got seriously hurt in a car crash. These shows were a really big deal at the time and a nice showing of what can happen when the hardcore scene comes together for something good. The first day was highlighted by a reunion show for Strength 691. I remember seeing a lot of people who I had not seen in a few years, which is an odd feeling when you are 19, and hung around catching up with a lot of people.…
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Infest-Iron Lung-Scapegoat-Wound Man-Pure Disgust @ Philadelphia PA 11-12-16

This gig was definitely overshadowed a bit by the recent presidential election, which featured two of the most repugnant human beings I have ever encountered. Seeing people from the hardcore scene cheer on either of them makes my skin crawl. Infest however stepped up and absolutely tore the house down. John and I headed out to this show after he met up with me where I live now. We caught up on the way. It was nice to be with him in such disturbing times. He has the same vicious, cynical, unrelenting humor that I do. We always felt a…
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Charge @ Old Bridge NJ November 2002

I wish I could remember who else played this show? Charge absolutely exploded on the NJHC scene in the fall of 2002. Their first few shows brought out a lot of people who loved their demo. Things took a different turn after awhile, but those first couple of shows were great. I recorded the audio of this show too.

Bouncing Souls @ Asbury Park NJ December 1997

I am pretty sure this show happened during finals week, but I cannot find a date for it online. I do remember a few friends and I guested on our college’s radio show that afternoon, but got pulled off after we played a song with some naughty words. Wah-wah. I have no idea why I even went to this considering I do not like Bouncing Souls at all. All the preppie ska-punk people in my high school loved them. I do remember they covered “Pay To Cum,” which was pretty cool.