Count Me Out-True Blue-Striking Distance-Time Flies-Third Degree @ Manahawkin Elks Lodge Manahawkin NJ 7-14-01

Hey, a show in my hometown! The Elks Lodge in Manahawkin hosted a few shows around this time as it seemed the NJHC scene was transitioning around a number of venues in places like Manasquan, Old Bridge, and Brick. This also worked out really well for me because I had gotten in a car accident earlier that week on the way to work. I was fine, although it could have been really, really, bad, but my car needed some work. Thankfully, I grabbed a ride with someone and headed over to the show. The big draw for me at this…
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Full Speed Ahead-Fast Times-Dead Nation-Cut The Shit-Forward To Death @ Asbury Park NJ 9-4-04

I don’t remember a ton about this show. I think I hung out outside for a lot of it. I ended up packed up front in the left corner for Full Speed Ahead, which kind of put me in the way of various band members for a couple of songs before I dove out and then took a step back into the crowd.

Good Clean Fun-The Hope Conspiracy-A Death In The Family-American Nightmare-Spark Lights The Friction @ New Brunswick NJ 4-23-00

This show was on Easter and didn’t get a great turn out. I mostly went to see the first, and only, I think, show for A Death In The Family. A friend of mine was in that band. Members had also been in 97a, Kurbjaw, and some others. This was one of the three or four times American Nightmare played NJ before they really blew up. I don’t even remember watching them, nor did I watch any of the other bands. I mostly remember this show for a long discussion I had after it with a friend in the parking…
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The Suicide File-The Promise-Lord Sterling-Black Cross @ Hamilton St. Cafe Bound Brook NJ 5-2-03

This was right around the time a lot of people in my friend group began slowly, but surely, slowing down how many shows we went to. After five hit or miss years of college, I was finally firing on all cylinders and had just finished a great paper a few days before on the history of fire fighting in colonial America (long story). I was beginning to get my head straight and realizing how toxic my relationship to the hardcore scene had become. Around this time I had also befriended a significant (well, like three or four) friends on my…
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Against The Gain-Degenerics-Standing Order-Three Against One-Dozed Theory-Fast Times-Probable Cause @ Toms River NJ 4-2-99 I don’t remember a ton from this show, but here we go: I remember hanging out at the Fast Times table for awhile. I think that was this show. They played ASS (lol) a few times. Three Against One covered a War Zone song at this show. I went to college with a few people from that band. Andy was later in Tear It Up and a bunch of other bands. I don’t remember Degenerics playing show, but that doesn’t mean anything. I think I bailed for awhile to go eat dinner.

Signifying Nothing Top 10 Of 2017

I heard about 20 good records this, so I had to narrow this down a bit. In ABC order: 1. Aggression Pact-Instant Execution 2. Big Cheese-Aggravated Mopery 3. Exit Order-Seeds Of Hysteria 4. Exit Unit-S/T 5. Fireburn-Don’t Stop The Youth 6. Fit For Abuse-Too Little Too Late 7. Husker Du-Savage Young Du 8. Neanderthal-A History of Violence 9. Subversive Rite-Demo 10. Udusic-Ugly

American Nightmare-Death Threat-Striking Distance-Champion-A New Enemy-Outbreak @ Bound Brook NJ 5-31-02

Looking back, this was a really big show putting together some of the biggest bands of the time period. There have been so many bands called Outbreak over the years that I don’t even remember which one this was, nor do I really care probably. A New Enemy covered a Bad Brains song I think? Striking Distance were really good. I liked them live a lot more than I did on record. This how was really, really, packed, so I slipped onto the side of the stage to watch American Nightmare. Not my thing at all, but they always got…
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Cro-Mags @ New York City NY Winter 2002

This was, as far as I know, the first show back for the Cro-Mags with both John and Harley. I remember they went on around 1am and we had to wait for HOURS for them to play. Finally they did and it was pretty wild. I dove a lot and nearly landed on Harley once or twice, which he remarked on between songs. By the time we got back to the shore, the sun was already coming up. I had to drive someone to LBI and then come back to Manahawkin. It was absolutely exhausting, but worth it for the…
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