This Week’s Memo

One of my students pointed this out the other day: our War-Pig-In-Chief Barack Obama continues the wars of the previous administration (and seems to be moving them to Pakistan as well). So much for “change,” suckers. My student then commented sarcastically, “boy, isn’t it great that there are monthly protests in Washington to end the war since Obama got in?”

Oh. Whoops. Yeah.

Funny how that all stopped once Bush was out of office. Democrats are just as pathetic as Republicans. The only reason anyone marches now is when Jon Stewart commands it. How pathetic. Monsanto, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and Blackwater run this country. The differences between the major political parties in this country are about as sincere as those between professional wrestling factions.

You’re just another serf to them. But don’t worry kids, American Idol starts soon! I bet Lindsay Lohan will have some coke fueled idiocy to keep you entertained too. Plenty of American style Soma to go around.

Mauser-Summer Tour EP
Cro Mags-Live At Wellington LP
Cro Mags-Unreleased 1984 Demo
Government Warning-Arrested 7″
His Hero Is Gone-Fifteen Counts of Arson LP
Agnostic Front-United Blood
Cop Out-S/T 7″
Big City: Nice & Loud Compilation 7″
Adolescents-S/T LP
Capital Scum-Capture The Flag LP
DRI-Dealing With It LP
American Youth Report Compilation LP
The Avengers-Self Titled LP
Big City: Ain’t Too Pretty Compilation 7”
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