Best of 2011

2011 ends as a pretty strong year for new releases. Wading through the bullshit in hardcore seems to get harder and harder each year, but here is a list of the top records in various formats I enjoyed this year.

• Our Side
• Cervix
• Blessed Offal

Seven Inch or Less
• V/A-Brutal Supremacy Compilation
• School Jerks-Control
• Citizens Arrest-Soaked In Others Blood
• Death Evocation-Self Titled
• Waste Management-Power Abuse
• No Tolerance-No Remorse, No Tolerance
• Vaccine-Crimes In Blood
• Mauser-End Of The Line
• Give-I Am Love
• Gasmask Terror-Like Daggers

Longer Players
• New Lows-Harvest of the Carcass
• Soul Swallower-Devoured
• Scapegoat-Self Titled
• Technocracy-Diary of a Terrorist
• Omegas-Blasts of Lunacy

• Cro Mags-Age of Quarrel
• Supertouch-WNYU
• Void-Sessions 81 to 83
• Faith-Subject To Change
• Bastard-Controlled In The Frame
• Adrenalin OD-Let’s BBQ
• NYC Mayhem-Crossover Days
• Negative Approach-Friends Of No One