Judge-Where It Went: The Complete Discography


Where It Went: The Complete Discography CD
Revelation Records

What more can really be said about Judge that has not already been said? This discography contains all of their released material- NY Crew Ep, Bringin It Down LP, Chung King Can Suck It LP, There Will Be Quiet… EP, plus a couple demo tracks. All of this is great and all, but I have a problem-Why isn’t the complete demo on here? Oh wait, they need a “bonus track” for the vinyl. What a bunch of bullshit. It’s called a fucking “discography” for a reason. Why would I shell out more money for three more songs I have had for years on tape? Duh, uh, no. At least Revelation didn’t remix/otherwise fuck with this stuff like when they ruined the Youth of Today and Chain of Strength records with shitty remixes/new layouts. It would be nice to have that WNYU set on CD also. I still think that is the best recording of Judge out there. My small (and really they are small) complaints aside, this is essential material whether you are straight edge or just like good hardcore. NY Crew is essential. Bringin It Down has not held up too well for more, but having Chung King on CD is also nice. I have always preferred that version for whatever reason.