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Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty One

Playlist Rest In Pieces-Toys R Us The Melvins-The Way Of The World Scapegoat-Wrench Direct Control-World War Three H 100’s-Ain’t Too Young To Die Deadguy-Running With Scissors Deadguy-Embryo Deadguy-Druid Deadguy-Die With Your Mask On No Hope For The Kids-Secret Police Jello Biafra & The Melvins-Yuppie Cadillac Crucifix-Another Mouth To Feed Tear It Up-Number One Wish Razor Blades-Plastic Messiah Think I Care-Burn The Misfits-London Dungeon The Klan-Cover Girls Straight Ahead-Point Of View Battalion Of Saints-Too Much Fun Pearls & Brass-The Face Of God Struggle For Pride-Wake Up To The Nightmare Breakfast-El Burrito’s #2 Pisschrist-Infected False Liberty-Unity Neos-Churchgoer’s Motive Floorpunch-What’s Right Sick Of…
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Pearls & Brass-The Indian Tower

Pearls & Brass The Indian Tower CD Drag City Records I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Pennsylvania band. I was pretty into what I am hearing though. Pearls & Brass remind me a lot of early Soundgarden or a band like Saint Vitus. One of my friends said Cream and Mountain are good reference points as well. No matter what, this is good, heavy stuff with some great riffs. I wouldn’t necessarily run out and buy this if you’re on a budget like I am, but check it out if that sounds like your kind of thing.