Reach The Sky

I did this interview with Ian from the band Reach The Sky via email in December of 1998.


  1. So let’s put the rumors to rest: Are you signing with Victory or Indecision?

We signed to Victory Records. Indecision was interested earlier and we talked, but Victory is where we wanted to go. It’s definitely the best fit for us.


2. Why did you sign to Victory and what are you putting out with them?

Well, we are releasing a seven inch in March of 1999 to lay the groundwork for a full length in the early summer. The seven inch will be limited and it’s mostly to get the name out there beyond the folks we have already played for. Then we will spring the full length on the world. Victory has the most incredible distribution of any hardcore label, so people all over the world will be able to find our shit. This is why we want to be on a label like Victory. It is professional, well thought out, sincere, and gets things done. Just how we like to carry ourselves. We work hard, we plan, and make sure that what we are doing is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves. So when Victory approached us and said “here, let’s plan this out” we were immediately attracted to their ideas. They didn’t just want to put out a record, they wanted to get it done right. That right there is what makes them who they are. Plus, all of the people there are wonderful folks as well. I’m not going to lie, but when you are on Victory people at least know your name and that’s important as well, you know? Hell, no there are a whole group of bands on there that are friends away from hardcore too. Blood For Blood, All Out War, Hatebreed, Buried Alive, etc. Victory has a good vibe. We are super excited to be a part of the Victory family.


3. Reach The Sky doesn’t really sing about the same things that others bands I associate you with (Floorpunch, In My Eyes, etc). Was that a conscious decision?

I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but I think it’s just personality differences. They sing about what is important to them and I do the same in this band. Sweet Pete and Mark Porter are two of my better friends, so I know that nothing they sing about is contrived but for me it would be. Just as much as they think I am a chump for singing the wimpy shit I write about. Plus, we aren’t Straight Edge nor was I raised on the youth crew. I just sing about what is in my heart or, more specifically, what is on my mind at that point in time. You know, the more I think about this question, the stuff that they sing about and I sing about really isn’t that dissimilar. I mean, it’s about dreams, hopes, life experiences, goals. Maybe the setting or the style is different, but essentially we are all singing from the heart about what makes us tick and what moves us to be in hardcore bands. Another interesting point: have you every wondered why a great majority of the singers in hardcore bands are the older guys? I think it is because the passion to express, the emotional release of being in hardcore, never ever fades when you are the person screaming from your heart. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we are just old and socially unable to join our peers.


4. A lot of your lyrics seem to be, at least to me, about relationships such as The Miles Before Us and As The Sun Feel On Summer. Have you had a lot of heartbreak in your life?

Ok, I confess. Only two songs are specifically about past relationships. Lying In Sand Again and As The Sun Fell On Summer. Hell, they are about the same girl. No, I haven’t had an inordinate amount of heartbreak in my life. Like I said before, that shit was on my mind at the time and I was able to express it through the song. See, I think it’s wonderful that you can relate to them in ways that I didn’t intend for them. That is the beauty of interpretation. These are real life experiences and natural human emotions, but they are just written so that anyone can relate. I think that is awesome.


5. Who is your new drummer?

I assume you mean the kid who played the Floorpunch release show with us? That was Dana, a New Jersey native, who used to play in Bound before moving to Boston for college. Anyway she recently quit so she could focus on school. That was her last show with us. This kid Bob is our man right now. A good kid who I have known for a while and was in a band with Brendan for many years. We go through drummers like they are going out of style. Hopefully, we will find one who gets as much enjoyment as the rest of us do being in this band.