Tragedy-Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage LP
Tragedy Records

This has been the most anticipated hardcore to come out in a long time. Within minutes of this thing leaking on the net it seems that every hardcore in the world had listened to it ten times and was posting about it on message boards, blogs, and elsewhere. What can be said about Tragedy? They are, by far, the best band in hardcore right now. Nerve Damage, after many listens, feels like it fits somewhere in the middle of Tragedy’s releases. I think Tragedy has grown as a band in a very strange way. This record isn’t quite as epic as Vengeance, but it isn’t quite as bitter and nihilistic as the Self Titled is either. One song even kind of rips off High On Fire. Many songs sound like extensions of Vengeance. One thing that is also definitely lacking is the tear down the walls mosh parts that their previous records had. Nonetheless, this record is excellent. An early candidate for record of the year.