Signifying Nothing Episode 03×04

Out Cold-Nothing Left To Say (Self Titled)
Out Cold-Shot Dead (Permanent Twilight World)
Out Cold-Suicide Watch (Will Attack If Provoked)
Out Cold-It’s Terminal (Split With Voorhees)
Out Cold-Menticide (No Bullshit Volume Three)

Beyond-Seasons (New Breed)
Black Flag-I’ve Heard It Before (The Future Looks Bright)
Ignition-Rebuilding (Sinker)

Iron Age-Dispossessed (The Sleeping Eye)
Oi Polloi-Hands Off Nicaragua (Resist The Atomic Menace)
Waste Management-No Way Out (Waste Tape Demo)

War Cry-Hellish Slaughter (Not So Distant Future)
Trauma-No Hope No More (Demo)
Mind Eraser-Spear (The Prodigal Son Brings Death)

Devoid of Faith-Purpose: Lost (Purpose: Lost)
No Escape-Silenced (Rebuilding)
Anti Cimex-Desperate Hours (Victims of a Bomb Raid)

Attitude Adjustment-Destruction’s Eve (Pusmort Sampler)
5051-El Salvador (Our Blow Out)
World Burns To Death-Blood & Dishonor (Split With Disclose)

Dancing French Liberals of ’48-In A Past Life (Scream Clown Scream)