Show Review: Supertouch @ Asbury Lanes 2-3-12

I haven’t seen Supertouch since the middle of the nineties or so, so I was pretty excited about seeing them. Especially since it was an all ages show as well. I’ve heard mixed reviews of recent Supertouch gigs, but checking some videos on Youtube made it seem like they were tight and played all the classics people in New Jersey want to hear. After a day of teaching, I went home and ate dinner and then hung out for a few hours before making the hourish trek up to Asbury Park.

I missed a few of the openers, including Born Annoying (members of Get Real) and a new band from Andy Scarpulla (Tear It Up). After spending some time catching up with a number of friends, Too Many Voices, the new band from Kill Your Idols singer Andy West, which also has members of Texas Is The Reason, Ressurection, and 25 Ta Life. Too Many Voices sound a lot like Dag Nasty, complete with Brian Bakeresque riffs. Andy trying to “sing” worked better on some songs than others, but on a recording it is probably a lot better. This band isn’t really my thing, but I can see them getting very popular as their sound crosses over a lot of scenes (an example of this would be a band like Kid Dynamite).

(Hey, look, it’s me in the Bl’ast! shirt…)

Supertouch were obviously why I was there, and I packed it up in the front getting ready for them along with some friends. After a long period of tuning, they suddenly busted into their intro. So far, so good, but the intro was a little sloppy, which had me worried for the rest of their set. Suddenly, Mark Ryan came out from the “backstage” area and they busted into Climbing Aboard. Yes!!! People started going off, there was a crazy pile on, and I got the mic shoved in my face about four times. Supertouch would go on to play a bunch of songs from their LP, a new song, and the song from the Anti-Matter Fanzine compilation before ending with, of course, Searching For The Light. I got off a couple of dives onto the pile and the night ended on a high note.

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