Ensign-Floorpunch-Saves The Day-Rain On The Parade-Fastbreak-Follow Through-Kill Your Idols @ New Providence American Legion Hall New Providence NJ 11-14-97

This was the record release for Ensign’s first album. There was a major snow storm and some sleet in the area for this show. Of course, Justin and I forged ahead, almost got in an accident, and still managed to basically get to the show first besides a few random people.

A few of these random people approached us while we sat on the back of my car. They looked kind of redneckish and said they loved Ensign, but also a bunch of tough guy bands. The one then called someone a fag and said that the bands they liked had too many people that “look like N WORDS” (but, you know, they actually said it). Eeep! We bailed from them pretty quickly as, mercifully, a few bands began showing up.

A bunch of bands canceled this show. Follow Through did definitely and I am pretty sure Floorpunch did too. Kill Your Idols canceled, but one of them (Gary?) was at the show selling their album. I picked up one up not knowing they would really blow up over the next year or so.

Fastbreak and Rain On The Parade were good, but I do not recall anything out of the ordinary about their sets. Saves The Day opened and did a Dag Nasty cover.

My math classmate Joe Oz about to go off

Ensign was the big draw at this show and people went off a lot for them. This was also the final show for their guitarist John, who was also the final original member of the band! I think he had become a teacher? There used to be pictures of me from this show. I look pretty rough having not cut my hair since the beginning of college in the fall and having a few days of beard. By that time in the fall semester I was miserable, bombing my classes, and hardcore was not helping much.

Found the pictures