June 18th 2005 Get Real-Splitting Headache-Little Rascals

June 18th 2005
Little RascalsSplitting HeadacheGet RealRighteous Jams

At the last minute, I believe Righteous Jams canceled this show. The show went on however. After going to get food we caught the tail end of whoever the opening band was. I believe they were from Brick, but I’m not entirely sure. At the end of their set they busted out a cover of Floorpunch’s Not For Me. Cool.


The Little Rascals were, albeit a bit sloppy, really good again. They opened with a Bad Brains cover and proceeded to play songs off of their seven inch and a couple newer ones. If I remember correctly they ended with a Sheer Terror cover.



This was my first time seeing Splitting Headache and I was very impressed. Each time since that I have seen them has been even better, but I was hooked right from the start. These guys are definitely the best band in New Jersey right now.

I put away my camera to hit the pit for Get Real’s set. It was so hot in the hall that I ended up standing behind the drums for most of the set before hitting the dance floor for their cover of Life Of My Own. A great set by a band that will be missed.