Good Clean Fun-The Hope Conspiracy-A Death In The Family-American Nightmare-Spark Lights The Friction @ New Brunswick NJ 4-23-00

I only went to this show to see A Death In The Family, which my friend Chris played in along with former members of 97a and some others. They did a demo that is pretty good. I don’t remember any of the other bands. This might have been American Nightmare’s first show in New Jersey. Like Bane, it took awhile for people to get into them, but once they did the band absolutely took off. I saw them 3-4 to minimal crowds, but then they got so big.

My biggest memory from this show was hanging out with a friend afterwards and talking about the state of the hardcore scene. I was pretty down on things and he offered me some good advice for how to deal with what was going on at the time. This was a weird, transitional, time and I was in an odd place in my life.