April 2012 Reviews

Stick Together

This Wilkes-Barre band plays 88 style hardcore that reminds me a lot of Four Walls Falling and Release. Good stuff.

Human Conditioning Tape

Despite their name, Mindless are not so kind of Infest worship band (although I call dibs on Human Conditioning as a band name…I dig it). Mindless remind me a bit of His Hero Is Gone, but with some 1990’s power violence influence (Charles Bronson I think?). This is a pretty interesting sound and I would like to hear more from them.

Fashionable Activism #2

I really liked the firsti ssue of this fanzine and the second one is cool too. Interviews with The Men, Shaved Women, and Death Domain. I totally agree that Arctic Flowers is a cool band, but their sound isn’t really that revolutionary. Also, there is an “Oi” fad right now? You’ll never be as good as Blitz.

Kevin McCaughey
2140 W. Crystal St. 3R
Chiago IL 60622

Dear Jesus Fanzine Anthology

Dear Jesus Fanzine was done by Sam from Born Against/Vermiform Records. This collection puts together their issues plus some one pagers. Tons of bands are featured here like No For An Answer, Swiz, Supertouch and many others. Overall, I think Dear Jesus is a solid fanzine that, despite what Sam thinks in his introduction, has held up rather well. I find myself in agreement with most of Sam’s political thoughts and assessments of various bands, records, and scene issues. I love the progression and his venim toward Fugazi as issues go by. I was so right as a beb about that band and people would mock me for it. They fucking suck. At $25, this is a little pricey, but I think the value inside this collection is worth your money and time.

State Poison
Self Titled 12″
Flower of Carnage Records

This is a pecular record that I am really enjoying. There is a big d-beat influence from bands like Anti Cimex, but I also hear a bit of Gauze and other early Japanese bands too. This is really good.

United Youth
Something 2 Prove 7″
Back To Back Records

Energetic hardcore from Wilkes-Barre that reminds me of turn of the century bands like Mental and Dump Truck. The vocalist reminds me a lot of Ray Cappo.

Getting Even
Self Titled 7″
Pass Judgement Records

Noisey hardcore that sounds like it is influenced a bit by bands like Drive Like Jehu. I think this band reminds me of Black Cross a lot. Not really my thing.