Signifying Nothing Episode Three

Mental-Desperate Measures
Rain On The Parade-Resolution

White Trash-Daddy Warbucks
Electric Wizard-Funeralapolis
Negative Approach-Why Be Something That You’re Not
DC3-Theme From An Imaginary Western
Sons Of Ishmael-Democracy

Hated Youth-Ban The Bible
Confuse-People Are Nuclear Poisoning
By The Grace Of God-Goliath
Voorhees-Let The Hunt Begin

To What End?-Kasserad
The Elected-Not Going Home
Holy Mountain-Oversight
Anchors Away-Walk The Plank
Wasted Time-I’m Surrounded By Winners

Poison Idea-Discontent
Poison Idea-Castration
Poison Idea-Ballad Of A Pre-Op
Poison Idea-In My Headache