Top 100 Of The Eighties: Deep Wound S/T

Deep Wound
Self Titled 7”
Radiobeat Records

An absolute classic record from western Massachusetts. Deep Wound emulate contemporaries Siege and Void for insanity and intensity while also being pretty straight forward. Some songs, especially In My Room, have an almost youth crew feeling to them. Like mixing Void with Youth of Today. Sounds good to me.

There is also a demo from these guys. That piece of shit bootleg label Lost and Found did a CD for these guys years ago that had both collected on it. There is also a four way split on that label with Siege, Void, Septic Death, and Deep Wound (sick!). I’ve heard rumors in the past few years about an official reissue but I’m not sure if it ever went forward.

Here is an mp3 of In My Room.

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