Top 100 Of The Eighties: Beyond-No Longer At Ease

No Longer At Ease
Combined Effort Records


This is another record, much like the Burn record, which really blew my mind.

Beyond were pretty legendary to me before I even heard them. Remember this is the days before file sharing, eBay, and CDR’s. If you were lucky you had cool people in your town or pen pals who hooked you up with classic records and demos. Thankfully I had a bit from column A & B so I got a video of Beyond when I was 16. I was floored by this band who played lightning fast and kept yelling BEYOND! BEYOND! over and over. Around this time someone dubbed me their demo (there was also a bootleg of it shortly after this that got around a lot too.). I was pretty impressed by them and, already growing a little bored with 1-2 youth crew style hardcore, their more technical songs really impressed me.

Later that year, on the way to a show, a friend put a tape in the car stereo. The feedback broke into this super heavy intro with a really cool bass break. I asked him who this was?! He told me to keep listening. Finally the vocals came in and immediately I knew who it was! He’d scored a copy of the Beyond LP! For us this was like finding an Antidote EP for $3. We must’ve listened to the album four or five times during the drive. On the way home we stopped at my house so i could dub a copy, which I still have somewhere in my closet probably to this day.

This record is pretty special to me. It reminds me of a time when I was beginning to be bored with the same old, same old, hardcore. This record, along with a few others, all came into my life at the same time and really changed things for me.

No Longer At Ease was reissued about five years by Some Records. I think it is out of print now, but I have heard there is a reissue coming shortly to coincide with Beyond getting together to play a couple shows.

Here is an mp3 of Effort & Ancient Head

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