Who is Spazz and a little history of you?

Me (Chris) on bass and vocals. Almost 29, Pisces, married, formerly in Stikky, No Use For A Name, Duh, Bjorn Baby Bjorn, some other dumb bands, turns on=ice cream and lots of it.

Max (not me) on drums and vocals. 24 or 25 or something, goes to UC Berkeley, formerly in Plutocracy, now in Capitalist Casualties, does vocals in the studio but not live.

Dan (also not me) on guitar and vocals, 22, runt of the band, formerly in Sheep Squeeze, now in some unnamed band with guys from The Misanthropists and they’re all sludgy and slow.

Spazz formed in January 1993.


What kind of ice cream do you like?

Just about anything that doesn’t have walnuts in it. Chubby Hubby reigns supreme.


How did you like touring here on the east coast?

The east coast was the best part of our tour. It was amazing. I think we really liked every show from Florida up to Albany NY. One of our best shows, and the biggest surprise for us, was Greenville NC. Everyone there went completely apeshit during the set and all of the folks there were incredibly cool. Boston was pretty crazy too.


Was the crowd reaction really good everywhere? Here in New Jersey it was like me and a few of my friends dancing.

It was different everywhere. All of the shows were good but in varying degrees. There were plenty of shows where most people just stood there because I don’t think they knew what to do. In other places the crowd really got into it more and it got pretty nuts.


Was there anywhere it was especially bad?

Mule Creek Junction, Wyoming, which is literally the middle of nowhere, was the only truly bad part of our tour. It’s sixty miles from the nearest town and the only place our van crapped out. Max got his video camera stolen in Tulsa, Oklahoma by some little eighteen-year-old junkie fuckheads. He searched all of Tulsa the next day, ready to pound them a new orifice. Those were the only real lowlights of the tour.


Are there actually people in Wyoming?

Well someone was driving the tow truck.


What is in the future for Spazz?

We’re going to Japan March/April. Beyond that I’m not sure what we’re gonna do.


You mentioned you like ice cream, how about any favorite soft drinks?

Anything that says “cola,” except Lady Lee brand. Any cream soda rules too.


Do you like Coke or Pepsi more?

Pepsi hands down. When I was twelve, I took the Pepsi Challenge and I chose Pepsi for real.


What do you think of metal bands like Vision of Disorder or Snapcase claiming to be hardcore bands?

It’s not half as bad as Motley Crue’s recent attempt to claim that they’re an “alternative” band.


What is the future for Slap A Ham?

A hell of a lot. My release schedule is packed solid through at least late summer 98! Upcoming stuff includes Bleaurgh-A Music War 73 band, 85 song 7” compilation, No LessBoxed In 7”, Fuck On The BeachFastcore On The Beach 7”, Godstomper-7”, Phobia-LP, Gasp-LP, and tons more including, eventually, a Crossed Out discography LP/CD. Lots more on the way, too.