Show Review: Ceremony-Citizens Arrest-Leather

Now that I live in Mount Holly, Philadelphia is a 30 minute drive away. So that means I will be at shows there a lot more in the future. This was a great example: I left my apartment at 7:30 and was home by 10:30 (well, 10:45 after a trip to Wawa). I have been meaning to catch Citizens Arrest at one of their reunion shows and just haven’t gotten around to it until now. I enjoyed their reunion record (vinyl now available on Painkiller Records) and looked forward to checking them out here. They were playing with Ceremony, who I guess were a band on Bridge 9 who are now more indie sounding or whatever. I don’t know, I’ve never bothered to hear them. The stuff reviewers say about them on their Wikipedia page is hilarious though.

I got to the venue just as Leather began playing. Hey, so why did they do a “rock” version of a Void song? Is Void not raging enough for you already? Uh? Leather reminded me of faster early Nirvana songs and various Amp Rep bands. That style bores me outside of the best bands. Seriously, why did they ruin a Void song? Why would you do that?

The crowd at this show was hilarious too. I found out that people do still smoke apparently, as I got choked on that shit every time I went outside. There were a lot of “hipster” types in the area as well. Get it away!!!!!

Citizens Arrest took the stage finally and I packed it up front for them. The Barbary is a small venue more suitable to indie bands, so I didn’t except a lot of dancing, diving, or fun. CxA ripped through their songs, both old and new, and sounded pretty good. I was bummed they didn’t cover Expectations, but oh well. Daryl gave me the mic a bunch of times, especially during my favorite CxA song Number. I forgot to pick up a shirt on the way out, but did run into a few friends.

I bailed before Ceremony played because I had an early morning the next day and a new kittie at home that really didn’t want me to go out.

Ceremony had shirts with an American flag that said “burn this flag” on it. Wow, that is so edgy!!!