Pushead Top 100 Podcast Part One

Here’s the idea: Instead of doing regular Signifying Nothing podcasts this summer, I thought a cool idea would be to do podcasts chronicling the famous Top 100 Records of the Eighties that Pushead did many years ago. If people like this, I’d love to try it with various specific record labels too.

Twenty songs for each. I think this will be cool.

  1. Discharge-War’s No Fairy Tale
  2. Society System DeControl-Get It Away
  3. Subhumans-Parasites
  4. Minor Threat-Bottled Violence
  5. Bad Brains-The Regulator
  6. True Sounds of Liberty-Abolish Government/Silent Majority
  7. Disorder-Violent Crime
  8. Rudimentary Peni-Black President
  9. Jerry’s Kids-Raise The Curtain
  10. Anti Sect-Channel Zero Reality
  11. Gism-Death, Agonies, & Screams
  12. Faith-You’re X’d
  13. DYS-More Than Fashion
  14. Cockney Rejects-Bad Man
  15. State of Alert-Disease
  16. Sick of it All-Pete’s Sake
  17. Necros-Youth Camp
  18. Adolescents-Democracy
  19. The FU’s-Peer Police
  20. Antidote-Zero Mentality