The Faith

We reprinted this one in Parade Brigade #3. Originally in Touch & Go Fanzine.

So what do you play (To Iver)?

Iver-Premier Drum Set, five toms, and seven cymbals

Sounds pretty wealthy

Chris-I’ve basically got a Fender Precision bass with a piece of shit body and they sanded the sticker off so nobody would believe me, and I broke the other one…

Mike-I have Marlboro thirty seven watts of hell amp…

So you guys played at CBGB’s…garsh…

Iver-Yeah that was December 26th, 1981

It must have been a thrill

Chris-Yeah because today I was looking at a Blondie book and I said, “hey I was there…:”

Mike-And there was this big gay man with loud clothes and leather pants

Alec-And he burned our ass

So do former members of SOA demand celebrity status?

Chris-Yes we have to perform sexual favors at practice and stuff… getting in the band was really difficult…for Alec, it was easy because he was in The Untouchables, but me, I wasn’t in anything so I had to sleep with them all.

So what do you write about… for instance…You’re X’d

Chris-People we don’t like…people who drink…

Alec-But not just everybody…people who drink but don’t want to tell you they do…people like, “Ah I hate everyone who drinks” and then sneaks off

Chris-People who want to mess up the scene

Do you get tired of the straight edge getting so much lip service?

Alec-No, because half the people don’t know what they’re talking about

Chris-No, because straight edge is a really good thing. People can choose if they want to be or not, but then people give me shit because they aren’t and I am…

Defending their vices…

Chris-They make a big thing out of it…fuck them…

(conversation drifts to New York)

The best pizza in the world…

Mike-New York is a dirty stinking shithole

Chris-Good pizza and there is five people there I like…Tanya and Rebecca…I love em!

Any new songs these days?

Chris-Subject To Change and Limitations

Eddie-What does the logo mean?

Chris-I thought of it the other day… the lines break up the cliques…uh, like the cliquetivity…but then those lines all come back and point to the F

Alec-I never thought about it so deeply… I mean the main reason we chose it was because it was a positive type of name… you’ve got bands calling themselves The Nihilistics

Mike-Christian Death

Chris-Bad Religion…we hate the world so fuck off etc…

Iver-Anorexic Surfboard

Enter Boyd from Black Market Baby

Boyd-You all know Tommy right? Tommy and I are starting a disco band

Chris-Yeah, Black Market Booty

Conversation drifts from lunar exploration to The Viletones

Chris-You see, to truly be straight edge… you must be gay

Alec-That’s what some people from New York thought… they came down here and didn’t see a lot of girls and thought everyone was gay.